Amanda is amazing!!! I have lost a total of 82 lbs and over 46 total body inches.

The workouts are intense but quick and only a half hour which makes it work for me with a demanding career and being a single parent. She encouraged me to keep a food log and that was a eye opener for me which sparked so much change in my eating habits. She motivates me to get to class and keeps me going even when I am fighting staying focused.

Claire, 50 yr.

Initially I met with Amanda for my 16-year-old daughter. She is an athlete, but needed to get into better shape and learn more about nutrition from someone other than “mom”. Immediately we both felt a connection with Amanda! First of all – she is “real”. She is down to earth, has great energy, a wonderful sense of humor and very knowledgeable in fitness and nutrition.

Paula, 52 yr.

She is truly a “life coach”. I have lost over 60 lbs since working with Amanda and I’m stronger than I have ever been. My cholesterol and blood pressure have gone down and I have more energy than I have ever had.

Ed, 43 yr.

Amanda is an extraordinary life coach! I’ve personally experienced incredibly positive growth and change in a very short period of time under her guidance. She’s taught me so much about healthy living and given me the tools I need to make progress, stay focused, and see results.

Kim Edwards, 24 yr.

I approached Amanda to be my life coach after long and careful observation of the impact she was making in other people’s lives. I noticed that people were drawn to her coaching because of her encouragement, guidance, accountability, and caring heart.

Dawn, 46 yr.

As a mother, I am always concerned with the influences in my kids lives. I was looking for someone to help physically motivate my 11 year old daughter, Kylee, when Amanda entered into our lives.

Kylee, 11 yr.

I love spending time with my coach Amanda! I don’t think I have ever seen her in a bad mood. She helps me see everything positive about life. She pushes me to do better and I honestly think she is one of the funniest coaches ever! Amanda’s fun personality and creativity helps make working out fun for me!

Alex, 23 yr.

When I came to Amanda I was frustrated, lost and hurt in many aspects of my life. During our first meeting, I saw Amanda’s eagerness and confidence to help me make a life change. I first came to her seeking to change my physical body, but came out of our first meeting realizing I had embarked upon a journey to change my lifestyle. She was different from my past trainers I’ve had because she has this unique gift of pointing me to the root of what was causing my bad lifestyle patterns.