Paula, 52 yr.


I spent years dreaming of the day I would be strong, healthy and thinner. But, I wasn’t doing anything to accomplish that dream. I just sat and wished it would happen. Honestly, I didn’t know where to start. I was nearly 100 pounds overweight. I was afraid of what would happen if I exercised too hard.   I knew what healthy eating was but didn’t have systems in place that could help me achieve it.

Then, a friend referred me to Amanda – I gave her a call and the road to fitness and mental healthiness began!

Amanda has taught me to quit believing the lies that I have told myself over the years. She has taught me how to be disciplined with health and fitness, something that was not in my DNA. She has taught me the importance of being consistent. She has helped me want to change. My new discipline and consistency has carried over to other aspects of my life as well. She is truly a “life coach”. I have lost over 60 lbs since working with Amanda and I’m stronger than I have ever been. My cholesterol and blood pressure have gone down and I have more energy than I have ever had. She is professional, consistent, knowledgeable and passionate about her role as a life coach. She really cares about her clients. I have learned tools to continue this road of fitness and healthy eating into the future.

Today, I am no longer sitting here wishing I would be stronger, healthy and thinner. I am there! Thank you Amanda. I’m so thankful that I picked up the phone that day.

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