Working in the fitness industry and being a personal trainer, I see it all. DEFINED muscles, beautiful skin, and what can be seen. That focus is clear. But what about the things that you can’t see? The hardships of life, the financial pressures, the challenges of raising kids and striving to fit the mold of what the world tells us to be, successful…

Will trading your layers of fat and imperfections with muscle and beauty CHANGE who you are and make you genuinely happy? The truth is…You are fashioned for greatness. You are shaped with value, full of purpose and a capacity to impact your world. It is your choice to allow false identities of culture to dictate who you are. A new chapter can begin by exposing unrealistic expectations and false images of beauty.

I will challenge you to have a healthy mindset towards your body while you achieve your health and fitness GOALS. Everyone can have a goal, but not everyone has the capacity to ignite change. This skill can reshape negative patterns of thought into healthy habits.

She is an athlete, but needed to get into better shape and learn more about nutrition from someone other than “mom”. Immediately we both felt a connection with Amanda!


Mother / Business Owner

I approached Amanda to be my life coach after long and careful observation of the impact she was making in other people’s lives. I noticed that people were drawn to her coaching because…

Kim Edwards


Amanda is an extraordinary life coach! I’ve personally experienced incredibly positive growth and change in a very short period of time under her guidance.