Are you aware that your life is a story? Every day you write another paragraph in your life, every month a new page, every year a new chapter. I think we all realize this on a deeper level and a reason why we strive for success.

What are you striving for? Is it money, beauty or power? The truth is most of our endeavors come down to these three things. If only I could look like so and so and do what he/she does. If only I could lose that last 10 pounds. If only I had what that person had, I could have access to the lifestyle that I truly desire…more money, beauty, and power…ultimately “Success.”

Is what the world embraces as success truly success? Will this road lead you to who you were really meant to be? When you finally obtain the body you dreamed of, and have all the money in the world, will you feel like you are a success story?

Will trading your layers of fat and imperfections with muscle and beauty change who you are and make you genuinely happy? Maybe if I change my identity from a couch potato to a gym rat, I will finally be happy. Maybe if I get a surgery fix, I can quite striving to be beautiful. Maybe if I follow Hollywood fads and the latest designs, I will have what it takes to be content. Can you truly be authentic as a result of taking on what society tells you to be? Do you fit this cultural mold? Are you satisfied?

Who are you? The real you is found behind both success and failure, achievement and disappointment and the joys and regret that come with life. How do you be successful without losing authenticity? You are already equipped to fulfill the desires that lie deep within you. The question is…How do I get it out? 

Will you choose to let others write the story of your life, or will the real you rise to the challenge and make your voice known?

The truth is, you are fashioned for greatness. You are shaped with value, full of purpose and a capacity to impact your world. It is your choice to allow false identities of culture to dictate who you are. A new chapter can begin by exposing unrealistic expectations and false images of beauty.

Will you allow me to partner with your strengths and push you forward in your life transformation? 

Let me lead you with integrity and honest communication in regards to your goals and dreams.

During the coaching process, I will present healthy attitudes towards growth and change, which are key elements to success. I will believe the best in you and commit to challenge you to never settle for anything less than the complete you. What I ask in return is a willingness to let go of your past, and allow yourself to reach the unlimited potential that lies within.

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