Lesli Botma Adams

I love The Garage!! After each workout I’m down a pound from a super sweaty workout! ***Some days, I’m thankful for the modifications . I’m glad to see that The Garage is expanding.

Jennifer Forsyth

Amanda is so amazing (and my favorite person ever)! I love going to classes here!

Dana Donoven

T otally fun while getting healthy
H appy people and conversation
E nthusiastic trainer Amanda
G et’er done in 25 minutes
A wesome sweaty workouts
R ockin music
A mazing results
G reat gym and equipment
E nergetic group workouts

Claire Stoner

Amanda is an excellent trainer! She knows how to design a workout to specifically fit your own goals. I started with her over 17 months ago and am totally addicted to her! When I met with initially it was for my daughter. I thought I knew everything there was to know about fitness since I had been working out on my own for 20+ years! After visiting I decided I would just work out with her for 1 month and see what she could do for me!! HaHa! After the first workout (only 25minutes) I knew she was going to kick my butt! But I loved it! And well the rest is history! Anyway – after her 28 day challenge I had lost 13 inches and had muscle definition in my arms and legs for the first time in my life!. At age 51 – I am in the best shape of my life! I just love working out with Amanda. She changes up my workouts every few weeks so I don’t get bored and get the best workout I can. And her energy is always up – so it is just fun. I never thought anything could change my life so much – I am not only healthier physically – but emotionally as well. It is all tied together – fitness, nutrition and mentally. I can’t imagine life without Amanda now! I feel so blessed she moved to Havre!!

Cathy Brown

I had the pleasure of having Amanda as my trainer when she lived in California but before choosing one first I thought hmmm who do I want. After reading bios and looking around at everyone at the gym I saw Amanda and said she’s cute and skinny how is she gonna be a good fit for me! Well so let me say this! She is cute and skinny for a lot of reasons. Main her love for God, family and Health. She worked my butt! Challenged me. It was tailored fit just for me. If you want hard she will give you hard. If you want to play she will say lets chat. Get what’s going on out the way and move past these “excuses” so we can work out. Take all her challenges and advise to heart. You all are so Blessed to received all she has to give. Love the new gym. I’m jealous

Melissa Speer

I love Amanda’s philosophy of quality of the workout not just quantity. She pushes you with a variety of exercises that will challenge you (and change you over time!). I am always surprised how fast 30 minutes can go by when you are focused training all areas of your body! Thanks Amanda!!

Kayla Stoner

I love to workout and so it’s no surprise that I gave this place a shot. Amanda offers upbeat, high energy and challenging workouts every day. I love the balance of cardio and strength training as well as the intensity of every workout! Workouts are in a group, but Amanda adds variations to each exercise to ensure you are being pushed to your fullest.

Nancy Horton Alexander

Amanda has been such an inspiration in my life. When you train with her, it’s all about heart, soul, and body.
She is one of my best friends and one of my favorite people. She is wise beyond her years.
I would recommend her to anyone who truly wants a positive change in every area of your life.
My daughter Noelle and I both LOVE working with her.

Melanie Holsipple Hedd

Amanda is about fitness from the inside out. Transformation of the body, soul and spirit. If you want more than just a work out you have come to the right place!

Jamie Sweeney

Great gym! Amanda is knowledgeable, encouraging and enthusiastic about living a healthy lifestyle. She tailors workouts to all levels of fitness and to individual needs as well!

Rachel Dean

Amanda will challenge you no matter what your fitness level, in a way that makes you feel great about yourself. Do yourself a favor & work out in the Garage!

Rylee Horton

Amanda is THE best!!!! Such a motivator! And always in your corner wanting the best for you!