Alex, 23 yr.

Health Care Provider

When I came to Amanda I was frustrated, lost and hurt in many aspects of my life. During our first meeting, I saw Amanda’s eagerness and confidence to help me make a life change. I first came to her seeking to change my physical body, but came out of our first meeting realizing I had embarked upon a journey to change my lifestyle. She was different from my past trainers I’ve had because she has this unique gift of pointing me to the root of what was causing my bad lifestyle patterns.

Amanda motivates you to keep going forward and to love yourself. Her approach was opposite than the other trainers I sought after and what I thought I should do to be successful with my fitness goals. She tackled my inner self and then the physical. She helped me to love and accept myself for who I am and to reach my full potential. She also has helped me be a fighter; not only to fight for my physical body but to fight for my inner self. She helped me face my fears and to see the ROOT issues of my heart that were preventing me from reaching my full potential. Thanks to her I discovered myself, regained my confidence, and found qualities that I didn’t know I had. Now with my confidence and strength I can conquer my physical body. I’ve spent the first few months conquering wrong habits and mindsets about my body and now I’m ready for my physical body to catch up with my inner self. I know Amanda can help me accomplish my next fitness goals!

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