Kim Edwards, 24 yr.

Singer / Songwriter

I approached Amanda to be my life coach after long and careful observation of the impact she was making in other people’s lives. I noticed that people were drawn to her coaching because of her encouragement, guidance, accountability, and caring heart. So, I signed up for her to coach me as well, and it has been one of the best decisions I’ve made! Amanda helps me maintain my focus and is an insightful, objective voice in my life as well as a terrific listener and sounding board. I love her one-on-one coaching style: I always leave our phone sessions feeling like I’ve really been “heard”. I appreciate that Amanda is straightforward and calls it like she sees it and yet also tactful and compassionate. Since starting sessions with her, I am more confident in my career decisions and have more clarity in my goals. It is obvious that Amanda is passionate about her clients and their goals, and I love having her “in my corner”!

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