Lana Arro

For the past 20 years I have had the pleasure to be a teacher and a coach.  Along the way, my focus shifted from coaching to teaching and making sure that everyone in my classes had a equal chance to succeed.  Being a teacher and a coach has helped me learn that the key to success is hard work and determination.  I have always had a passion for helping others.

In high school, I was overweight and was teased because I was not fit and thin.  In college I lost 25 pounds which helped my volleyball skills very much.  After having my son, I struggled to get back to a weight at which I felt comfortable at until 3 years ago.  I realized that as you get older, you have to do different exercises to keep your body in shape.  By doing these exercises with different equipment my body began to get strong and I was able to lose more weight.

It has been a dream of mine for the last 2 years to see The Garage come to Hermantown.  Amanda Solomon, founder of The Garage in Havre, MT, graduated from Hermantown in 1999.  I now teach at Hermantown High School and my son will graduate from Hermantown in 2024.  I love the city of Hermantown and would love to introduce The Garage to everyone here and let it be an outlet to grow not only in their physical fitness, but building a strong community of family and friends.  My passion in life includes helping others achieve their goals and build a lifestyle from good habits.

The Garage is a bodyweight core based circuit training gym focused on using different modalities to help any type of client achieve the goal they want.  At The Garage, customers can look forward to 25-30 minute classes or have one on one training for 30-60 minutes with a certified personal trainer. Classes will be run in the mornings and evenings to accommodate the clients’ work schedules and help them achieve a daily routine during the school year.  In the summer, more classes are available upon request.  Classes will also be available online for those unable to attend in person.

Classes will be geared towards people from all walks of life, including but limited to: young adults, men, women, cancer patients, those with injuries past or present, and the elderly.  Anyone is welcome to attend classes at The Garage.  Athletes can attend specialized classes designed especially for the sport they would like to train for if they desire.

The Garage is somewhere between Curves and Crossfit for ability level.  The moves in the classes can be modified so they are easier or progress to make them more difficult.  Classes offered include: Boot camp, yoga, kickboxing, circuit training, HIIT, and individual sport training.

I now know that my purpose in life is to help others achieve their weight loss goals, get stronger, and be motivated.

Lana Arro
NASM Certified Personal Trainer